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Dark isn't always evil... by crazylaura64Light isn't always good... by crazylaura64
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Afraid of the Dark? by BlunaBeast

Icons for me

Umbrius Icon v2 by YorialuMisurata Icon by YorialuFlame Icon by YorialuZarumi Icon by YorialuHaze Icon by YorialuAquarius Icon by YorialuDextri Icon by YorialuPC: Umbrius Icon by xX-Starduster-XxPC: Konan Icon by xX-Starduster-XxNanok Icon by Scar-eyeKonan Icon by Scar-eyeC: BlunaBeast by SkyLandWarriorBlunabeast13's-icon by DevilsRealmA little ray of moonlight by CeriseCherryLipsCom_BlunaBeast13_Icon by GoldenEmotionsFlame icon by embea-iconsKonan Icon -Commission- by TyphloserFlamu icon by BlunaBeastCO: Dont squeeze me i'll fart by amiirouCO: {1/2} Yeah you really do deserve to smile by amiirouCom: Blunabeast13 by BienooBlunabeast13 Icon by RubyPetalLittle icon - Umbrius by WingedWillyCM - Umrbuis Chibi Icon 50x50 by YorialuUmbrius - Commission by ShadeDreamsUmbrius Icon by Scar-eyeMika Icon by Scar-eyeVinrir Icon by YorialuPeaches icon~(giftu) by Setos-lovely-booty

Pixel Icon commission.:Lets Go Bro:. by Ningeko16

sweet babies


You gotta believe!


Welcome to my page~

:iconredsparklesplz:Flame JD [Not Free] by The-Furry:iconredsparklesplz:

:blackrose: Hello! I'm BlunaBeast, but you can call me Bluna or Shyla.

:rose: I'm a girl of 19 and I love to create new species and draw art of my characters (that I call "my babies") for my original story that I've been actively working on for around six years! I have 253 babies now (I'll try to update as often as possible, I'm always making more!)

:blackrose: I suffer from PCOS (it sucks). Along with PCOS, I also suffer from anxiety and depression.

:rose: I love animals! I love cats and dogs and foxes and raccoons and birds and hippos, mice, goats.. Just basically all! My favorite animal is a fox, they're so precious. I've always loved mythical creatures too! I once had a unicorn themed birthday party, and I have multiple dragon posters hanging in my room.

:blackrose: I love basically every color, though my top favorites are black, red and purple.

:rose: Spyro the Dragon is my childhood, I can sit there and replay it over and over for fun. Sly Cooper, Devil Summoner, Monster Rancher, Digimon, Legend of Zelda, Legend of Legaia, Pokemon (Yes I have X, note me for friend code!) and Jak and Daxter are also really fun games to me.

:blackrose: Friends mean a lot to me, I love meeting people and making people laugh and smile! Though I'm very shy, and might not reply at first or I'll take a while.. But that doesn't mean I don't like you! I'm willing to be anyone's friend. I'm a very forgiving person (too forgiving, stop me) and I love introducing my babies to other people's babies.

:rose: I don't really like religion extremists, or extremists of any kind. I don't like people who over obsess over anime or dragons (dragonaboos literally piss me off) or wolves. But liking things is fine, don't get me wrong! Shoving it in people's faces and acting like nothing is better than it is when it gets annoying. Especially since it can sometimes hurt other people's feelings.

:blackrose: I believe in equality, pure equality. Gender equality, marriage equality. I believe a man should be allowed to wear a dress and have long hair without being judged like a woman can wear a suit and have short hair without being (too) judged (I'm aware they will usually be labeled as lesbians). I believe two women should be allowed to marry without being judged like a man and a woman can.

:rose: I love magic and the pentacle. They make me very happy~!

:blackrose: I hate most stereotypes, mostly the "all that is light is good and all that is dark is evil" one. So my story is about light being evil and dark being good, you don't see that often.

:rose: I LOVE to role play! Though I'm very shy and haven't RPed in a while, I'd still love to!

:blackrose: I love cartoons! Some of my all time favorites would have to be Gravity Falls, Ben 10, MLP, A:TLA and Danny Phantom.
PC: Konan Icon by xX-Starduster-Xx

Cool kids' table~

Chibi Play Fight by Yorialu
~♥February 14, 2012♥~
If I forgot anyone, please let me know!
Flat Commission for BlunaBeast13 by Fishy-Nugget
Awesome Artists
:iconcolorfulsparklesplz::Flame: by PrePAWSterous:iconcolorfulsparklesplz:

My babies! <333

CM - Chibi Misurata by YorialuChibi Mocha and Umbrius by Yorialu
CM - Chibi Rapanive and Zane by YorialuMika Chibi by Yorialu
PC - Umbrius and Dextri by Kanonu
CM - Zarumi by Kanonu


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